Frequently Asked Questions

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Note: if you have previously registered a player please login using previous details. There is a password reset option if you’ve forgotten it from last year.

The Family Levy is $100 paid per family and is used by the Club to help run the club.

The Family Levy can be reimbursed at the end of the season to those families who have volunteered 4 times (the equivalent of 4 hours) or more at working bees, home game days or as coach, manager or committee member.

The Family Levy is only refunded by electronic payment at the conclusion of the Season and Applications close on November 1st of that Year so that the club can have their accounts audited.

To make a submission for approval for the Family Levy, please follow this link: APPLICATION FOR REIMBURSEMENT OF LEVY

The FairPlay voucher is an initiative of the Queensland Government to assist all children to play sport. They are valued up to $100 per player. To determine if you/your player are eligible check on the website, here

When you register your player indicate that you will be using a FairPlay voucher and this will be deducted from the registration fee. All FairPlay vouchers in 2024 will be electronic so please email them to You will receive an email advising you of the outstanding amount and methods of payment.

If you are not eligible for a FairPlay voucher but are unable to pay fees upfront please contact to organise a payment plan.

The colours of PWFC are red and black.

Black shorts with no pockets – these are available from the clubhouse on Merchandise and Game Days.

Red socks with PWFC in black  – these are available from the clubhouse on Merchandise and Game Days.


Training shirts are provided as part of the registration costs, thanks to the Sundale Community Grant.


Playing jerseys (strips) are on loan to each player from the club for the season. The jerseys are to be washed and taken home by the player after each game and returned to the manager at the end of the season.


Shinpads and soccer boots must be worn.

No jewellery allowed.


Training days are determined by our volunteer coaches, in collaboration with team members and families.

There are 20 games per season.

It is expected that there is one training one session for approximately one hour per week on a day that suits you and warm-up for 15-30 minutes before the Saturday game, age group dependent.

Coaching training is available via SCCSA and supported by the Club.

Please contact, for more information.

The team manager’s key tasks are to:

    1. communicates between committee, players, families and coaches about training, games, club activities.
    2. Sign players in on game and training days. From 2022, SCCSA have introduced an online sign in page which requires managers to have access to the SCCSA website. Please see committee at PWFC clubhouse if you have trouble with this due to minimal telephone access at Palmwoods.
    3. Co-ordinate bringing of fruit and washing of playing jersey (strips) rosters. Note: this is dependent on COVID-19 guidelines with no sharing of fruit and players washing their own jerseys if restrictions are tightened. Coaches and managers will be regularly updated of COVID-19 guidelines via all social media platforms.
    4. Inform parents of home day volunteer rosters.

Help in the Canteen or grounds duties, setup and pack down of gazebos, chairs, string lines and garbage bins on game days.

Ground Officials on game days please contact for details.

Join the committee as a member or Friend of the Committee.
Please contact

We comply with COVID-19 restrictions as advised by Queensland Health and Sports and Recreation. Important changes just as field closures are advertised on the SCCSA Facebook page, Instagram and the Heja Coaches and Managers team.

This website (

Facebook page (

Instragram (@palmwoodswarriors)

Heja app for team management

Palmwoods Warriors Football Club – Refund Policy

Should a player change their mind after registering to play with the Palmwoods Warriors Football Club, there is no FULL refund of fees. We understand that circumstances can change for families and any requests for refunds should be submitted by email to the Club;

We ask that you read all information detailed on our website/Facebook about registration dates and payments, all coaches are volunteer parents, we do not provide paid coaches. By completing your players registration, you agree to this policy and all it contains.

If you have any further queries you have every opportunity to contact us via email before you register.

  1. Where a player has registered but is not offered a place in any team – 100% refund will be given.
  2. Where a player is registered but withdrawers their registration before being placed in a team there will be 100% refund.
  3. Once a player has been allocated to a team but withdrawers before first training or game there will be 100% refund.
  4. If the player withdrawers after the first 3 games for the season there will be no refund.
  5. Where a player is registered but in breach of the SCCSA Code of Conduct and membership is subsequently terminated at any time after the registration, no refund will be given.
  6. Where a player is registered and withdrawers membership due to a parent or guardian being in breach of SCCSA Code of Conduct, no refund will be given.
  7. Should the player be unable to play due to circumstances such as injury (receipt of Doctors Certificate), or moves away which will render them unable to play for the season, the club will assess and look to refund only a pro rata portion of the fees which will be part of the club fees only. The SCCSA fees are non-refundable.